Draconius GO Catch a Dragon Cheats Hack Add infinity Coins

Draconius GO Catch a Dragon Cheats

Draconius GO Catch a Dragon Cheats  Hack Add infinity  Coins

Build your very own collection of winged horses, vampires, unicorns and other magical creatures. If your adventures and battles prove successful, you will ultimately be able to tame even the superior beasts – the Dragons of Elements!Have you ever dreamed of commanding mighty dragons?Can you picture yourself taming a dragon? It might be a huge dragon or a small drake — no one knows, since all of the creatures in the game evolve and change, and it’s up to you whether your pet will be a cute little creature, a frightening beast, or something completely new. The choice is huge with 125 unique creatures, each of which can be upgraded.Various game events to keep your adventures fresh and exciting· Regular quests will allow you to find scrolls for new spells and start your quest for the Golden Egg!· Portals to the world of Arcana will unlock for you a new element of creatures, and help you find the path to the Mother of Dragons. Only she can hatch ancient eggs.· Most spells are unlocked after your character reaches level 7. You will be able to enhance your creatures or throw your enemies out of the arena by using the most powerful spells, together with your friends!· From level 9, you will be able to engage other players in duels. But you’ll need to make sure you’re well prepared.· The Ancient Libraries will allow you to change the skills of your creatures, but before you can do that, you’ll have to fight the opposite faction.· Watch out for attacks from wild monsters at all times! The winner will get runes for spells.· Discover all of the treasure chests in the area. If you’re lucky enough, you might find in them artifacts that will unlock new options for your character.

Draconius GO Catch a Dragon Cheats  Hack Add infinity  Coins

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The game offers quests, random battles with wild creatures, player vs player battles, hatching eggs, hunts for a special golden egg containing a powerful creature, and more!

Seal New World

Draconius GO Catch a Dragon Cheats  Hack Add infinity  Coins

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Choose Your Character In Draconius Go

In the beginning of the game you will choose a username and get a chance to choose some traits (hair color, eye color, clothing ect.) for your character. If personalizing your character is something that you aren’t really interested in doing. Don’t worry you can simply click on the picture of the dice and the game will choose a random character for you.

The World Of Draconius Go

Looking at the Draconius Go World. Pillars of Abundance, Arena’s and an Obelisk can be seen here.

In this screen you can view the world around you. Simply place your finger on top of the character and slowly spin him/her around to view the world around you.

At the bottom left of your screen you can see your character, your level, and the pet that you have chosen to walk with you. If you click on your character from here you get a closer view of your of your character and your pet. You can also view your user name, how many more xp (experience points) you need to level up, the distance you have walked since you started playing Draconius Go and the date you started playing.

At the bottom right of your screen you can view the creatures that are near by you. Simply click on the creature to get a better view of what creatures (up to 9 can be seen here) are near you.

At the bottom center of the screen there looks that a red ball shaped object. When you click on it, it leads you to a screen where you can choose different activities such as visiting the shop, looking at your bag, seeing which creatures you have caught and more!

Draconius Go Game Features

From this area in the app you can choose which feature you would like to check out next.

Clicking The Red Sphere on Draconius Go

When you click on the red sphere in the bottom center of your screen this is where it will lead you.

Duel of Wizards- This is where you will find the player vs player option.

Captured- When you click on the captured button you can see how many libraries to and how many arena’s you have added creatures to. Below this you can view exactly what creature is on which arena.

Creatures- When you click on the creatures button you will see all of the creatures that you have caught. You can also reach the eggs screen from here.

Bestiary– The bestiary lets you know how many different types of creatures you have caught. Right now there are 125 different species of creatures to be caught.

Shop- The shop is , of course, where you can make any purchases you would like. You can receive coins from arena’s in the game for free. Or you can choose to use real money and have it converted into coins to make purchases.

Quest– The quest lets you see what quest you currently need to complete. And your progress towards completing said quest. You can also reach the hunt screen from here.

Magic- In this screen you have a view of your runes. You need a certain amount of one color to convert it to the next color. You will use these runes in your recipe screen to receive rewards.

Bag- The bag screen shows you to view all of your items. Before a bag upgrade you can hold 250 items at a time.

Draconius Go Shop

The Draconius Go shop is where you can buy extra items if you want to. You do not “need” to purchase these items to play the game. However, by doing so it can enhance your game play and to help you level up quicker.

At the top of the screen it will tell you how many gold coins you currently have. Pictured above I have 305 gold coins. These can be used on any of the items in store that are 305 gold coins or less.

If you don’t want to wait for your coin stash to pile up you can scroll to the very bottom of the screen and it gives you the option of turning your real money into gold coins. You can start with a little and convert $1.39 to 100 coins or you can spend a lot, $139.99 for 1500 coins. With many more options in between. By clicking on the coins you want to purchase you will see payment options.

Draconius Go Artifacts

The artifacts section can be found in the shop area and then by swiping to the right. 10 different artifacts can be found here ranging in price from 3000 gold coins to 5000 gold coins.

Dragonplayer’s Helmet– +5 remote placings a creature to Arena or Library per day.

Banner of the Ruler– Allows you to place another creature in a library or an arena.

Dragon’s Heart– Gives you another cocoon for the Mother of Dragons to use to hatch an ancient egg for you.

Zebra-Rabbit’s Watch– Reduces the recharging time of pillars by 100 seconds.

Conqueror’s Rod– +2 to the level of an Arena or Library after you capture it.

Double Ring– Adds an extra 3 to the number of captured Arenas.

Monster Defeater’s Cup– +80% to fame of allied Arenas and Libraries during training.

Totem of Second Vision– Removes weak creatures from the radar.

Grimore of Authority– Adds 105 minutes to owning an Arena after i has been captured by the other team.

Teddy Dragon– A 40% increase in speed of receiving soul stones from your pet.

Draconius Go Items

In this view my Draconius Go bag can hold 250 items and I am at a 196.

To receive items you need to be within range of a Pillar of Abundance. The tall purple pillars you will see on your game map. These pillars will have no issues telling you whether you are going too fast to spin them or if you are too far away to spin them. So slow down, and get closer.

You start with a maximum of 200 items that can fit in your bag. However, if you choose to you can increase your bag size by 50 items for 200 gold coins. Here is a list of some items you can receive in the game.

  • Sphere’s– The strength of sphere’s you are able to get depends on your level. These are used to capture creatures.
  • Lure– You place these on any Pillar of Abundance and for 30 minutes creatures will be lured to the specific pillar.
  • Pheromones– For 30 minutes you can attract creatures to you. This does not need to be used on a pillar. You can even be sitting on your couch to use this item.
  • Shovel– Be careful with these as they are quite expensive to purchase. So you don’t want to waste any. Once you have all 9 pieces of your map. Ensure that you are in the correct area before you dig (the map in your hunt exactly matches the area you are standing on. If you look at your map it will show exactly what piece you are standing on. Use a shovel on each piece of the map (it covers an area of about 1 square km) until you find the golden egg. Tip: If you have the exact same map as a friend you can take turns using shovels.
  • Healing Potions– Once your wounded creature has been resurrected use healing potions to revive it to full health.
  • Resurrecting Potion– Use this potion to revive a wounded creature.
  • Dragon’s Eyesight– This is one of my favorite items so far. Using this item will show you creatures all over the map. You are able to click on both creatures and treasure chest from where you stand. You do not need to physically move around the map to collect these. Like most of the others this item lasts for 30 minutes and I find it gives you a lot of creatures.
  • Runes– There are 6 different colors of runes that you collect throughout the game. Purple being the most powerful and gray being the least. These runes can be used in recipes that give you special game perks. These perks can be shared with a friend. However, they too need the correct amount and color of runes to use this feature.
  • Arcana Caramel– Increases your chances of catching a creature.
  • Magical Doughnut– Increases the amount of essence you get for catching the creature.
  • Unicorn’s Marshmallow– Calms creatures and gets them to stand still making it easier to catch them.
  • Ice-Cream of Four Elements– Increases the number of soul stones you receive from catching the creature.
  • Crystal of Wisdom– Doubles the amount of XP you get for 30 minutes.
  • Dragon’s Cocoon– You have one cocoon that can be used to hatch an unlimited amount of eggs. You can also purchase or receive from leveling up (level 5, 10, 15 and so on) a perpetual dragon’s cocoon. These cocoon’s can only be used 3 times before disappearing.

Pillars not only give you items, but you can also place lures on them. After you click the pillar, you can click the add a lure button (it looks like a banana shape in a red circle) in the bottom left hand corner. This cannot be done in the rift unfortunately.

Pillars also offers enchantments. Each enchantment has something different to offer.

Catching a Creature on Draconius Go

This photo is the view after am Apprentice’s Sphere was thrown at a Mymmyween.

Draconius Go Enchantment

To find the Enchantment screen, simply visit a Pillar of Abundance and click on it. You will then see a round, red button with lines on it in the bottom right hand side of your screen with three lines and dots on it. Click it.

Enchantments offered to you are as follows,

  • For 300 coins you can add the sphere enchantment to a pillar and receive only spheres from it.
  • For 300 coins you can add the healing potions enchantment to a pillar and receive only healing potions.
  • For 300 coins you can add the resurrection potions enchantment to a pillar and receive only resurrection potions.
  • For 300 coins you can add the creature egg enchantment to a pillar and receive only creature eggs. (very helpful if you are low on eggs!)
  • For 300 coins you can add the treats enchantment to a pillar and receive only treats.

Draconius Go Daily Battles

In this battle view on Draconius Go I have 0 battles out of three left for the day. And must wait at least 10 hours and 17 minutes to battle again.

Duel of Wizards on Draconius Go

The duel of wizards option is where you will find your player vs player. However, you need to be at least level 9 before you are able to do this option. The game will pick a random opponent of a similar level for you to battle. You can do this 3 times a day or you can increase that amount to 7 times a day for one for 500 coins.

If you lose this battle you will receive nothing and will have to heal all of your creatures you have battled with. If you win you will receive rewards and will only have to heal the creatures that had become wounded in the battle. Perhaps you beat all your opponents creatures with only one of yours!

Draconius Go Nearby Creatures

In this view all the colored creatures I have captures before and the creature that is just a shadow, I did not have yet.

On the bottom left of your main screen you can view the creatures that are nearby. If the creatures are colored in that means that you have captured this creature before. However, if the creature just appears as a shadow, that creature is new for you.

To find out approximately where that creature is located. You can click on it and the game with mark a pillar for you. The creature that you looking for it nearby this pillar.

Pillar of Abundance

Spinning a Pillar of Abundance and receiving items.

Draconius Go Quest

In this view I need to capture one more earth element creature before completing the quest and receiving my reward.

You can receive a quest from an Obelisk. This look like big rocks with a glowing pink area on the top of it. If you click on it, it will offer you a quest. Some quests have time limits while others do not. If don’t think you can complete your quest, simply visit an Obelisk and choose “change quest”.

When you complete a quest you are given rewards. And can start a new quest.

Draconius Go Pet

In this view the SunTzi is my pet. And for every 3 km I walk with him, I receive a candy that can be used to evolve or power up.

You can choose a pet to walk with you and receive soul stones towards that creature (and it’s evolves). The pet pictured here receives one soul stone per every 3 km walked. Make sure you choose a pet that you need extra soul stones for! There isn’t much sense in walking a pet that’s common and easy to get soul stones for.

Draconius Go Captured Buildings

In this view I am receiving 5000 essence and 73 gold coins every day. And have to wait another 7 hours, 48 minutes and 35 seconds. Before I can collect again.

This feature allows you to view how many more hours your creature has in the library before you are able to retrain it changing it’s moved.

You can also view how many arenas you have creatures on, how much essence you will receive and how many coins you will receive when you are able to collect. You can collected approximately once a day.

Below this it gives you a list of which creatures are on which arena.

Draconius Go Bestiary

All of the colored in creatures in this view are ones that I have captured before. The creature that appears as a shadow, I have seen but I have not caught yet. The squares with just numbers are all the creatures that I have not yet seen or caught.

Currently there are 125 creatures that we can catch. In the Bestiary view you can see how many creatures out of 125 you have captured, which ones you have caught. And if you click on them you can see how many evolves they have.

If the creature only shows up as a shadow, this means that you have encountered this creature but you did not capture it.

Adding a new creature to the Bestiary. This creature is known as a “Blaze”.

Pillar of Abundance Recharging

In this view you can see the creature in the bottom left is only a shadow. I have not caught one before. After clicking on the creatures shadow the red circle with the footprints will appear over a Pillar of Abundance. Where the creature is.

Draconius Go Altar

You can access the Altar by clicking on the “Magic” button. This is where you can view and convert your runes. Clicking on recipes you can view which recipes you can do (as long as you have the correct amount of runes).

If you have the recipe, and you have the runes you can click “install” and an altar will be set up at your location. You can put a password on this altar if you wish. This way only those who you give the password to can use this reward with you. If you do not want a password, anyone can use the spell to receive rewards. Password or not you still, personally, receive all the perks of your spell for 30 minutes.

Draconius Go Recipes

In this view, in order to use the Gift of the Golden Dragon. I would need two green runes and one orange.

Draconius Go Common Eggs

You can have at most 9 common eggs at a time. You receive these from spinning Pillars of Abundance. They come in 2 km, 5 km, and 10 km. If you put a 2 km egg in your cocoon you will need to walk 2 km, a 5 km egg is 5 km and a 10 km egg is 10 km. The farther you need to walk to hatch your egg the more rare the creature is.

You will always have your one cocoon for hatching eggs as it has an unlimited amount of times it can be used. However, your perpetual cocoon’s, as mentioned earlier, can only be used 3 times before they disappear. If you collect all your cocoons or you purchase some, you can be walking anywhere from 0 to 9 eggs at once.

Below the eggs it tells you how many km you have walked that particular egg. Once it’s ready to hatch the egg will pop up on your screen with the words “crack the egg”. You simply click “crack the egg” and receive your creature. Sometimes they are new and exciting creatures, while other times they are ones you already have. It’s a surprise!

Draconius Go Mother of Dragons In The Rift

In this view you can see that the rift area is colored a pink color with a blue border. If you exit this border without pressing “leave the rift”, you will not see any creatures or objects such as a Pillar of Abundance.

Draconius Go Ancient Eggs

Ancient eggs are also received from the Pillar’s of Abundance. However, these eggs cannot be placed in a cocoon to hatch. They need to be given to a “Mother of Dragon’s”, she will keep them warm and hatch them for you. A Mother of Dragons can be found by going through a portal (not all portals contain a Mother of Dragons).

You give her either a 2 hour, 5 hour, or 10 hour egg. Once the 2, 5 or 10 hours are up the “crack the egg” screen will pop you and you can crack your egg.

The tricky part here is that the mother of dragons (and only one mother of dragons) can hatch an egg at a time for you without an upgrade. Also, if the portal moves while she is hatching your egg your egg does not go with her. It simply just stops. So to help ensure there is enough time for your egg to hatch (especially a 10 hour!), use a new portal that has just recently popped up. Or take a gamble and hope for the best.

Draconius Go Mother of Dragons Hatching an Egg

This egg is now with the Mother of Dragons and will take 2 hours to hatch if the rift does not move.

Draconius Go Hunt Map Digging For a Golden Egg

This is a completed Draconius Go hunt map. Two fragments have been dug up while looking for the golden egg.

This is a completed Draconius Go hunt map. All nine out of nine fragments have been collected to complete the map.

Go to an obelisk (choose wisely as the map piece will be within a few km of this obelisk). Here you can get your first map piece for your hunt. You will then need to visit 8 more obelisk’s to complete your 9 piece map.

Some maps, the area is easy to locate, while others at this point just look like a big blank space. So it’s probably best to do this in an area with a lot recognizable roads.

You then need to locate the area that is indicated on your map. To ensure that you are in the right area take a look at your map. If it’s the right area the map will even indicate which piece you are currently on.

You will need to use a shovel on each piece of the map until you find the golden egg. To get to the other pieces of the map you need to physically move around the area, if you look at your map while doing so you will be able to see if you have moved to a new piece or not. If you are lucky you may find your golden egg using the first shovel, or it may take you all nine.

As mentioned before, if you can have others visit the same first obelisk as you and receive the same first map piece. You can then take turns using a shovel on the map. The golden egg will be in the same area of the map for all of you.

Once this map is used up you will then need to wait 5 days before starting another hunt.

Draconius Go Questions And Answers

Question:”When receiving a new moved from the libraries, is the moved better or worse than the one the creature previously had?”

Answer:”It is completely random a this time. You may receive a better moved, or unfortunately, it may be worse.”

Question:”How often do creatures spawn when using pheromones?”

Answer:”I have found a new creature to spawn approximately every 2 1/2 minutes.”

Question:”Where can I get recipes from?”

Answer:”You receive recipes from chests and completing quests.”

Question:”What happens to my egg if the portal and Mother of Dragons moves while she is hatching the egg?”

Answer:”Your egg unfortunately stops hatching. However, luckily it does not start over at zero. You will need to find a second Mother of Dragons to give her the unfinished egg to complete hatching.”

Question:”Will the creature spawn at the Pillar of Abundance it says it is at?”

Answer:”Not directly at the Pillar of Abundance, but in the general area. I usually find it within a block in either direction of the Pillar of Abundance.”

Question:”Do all rifts have a Mother of Dragon’s?”

Answer:”No, this seems kind of random/luck as well. The rift may or may not contain a Mother of Dragons.”

Question:”Do I need all the map fragments before digging for a golden egg?”

Answer:”No! If you know the area it’s in without needing a complete map, you can begin digging!

Question:”The fraction (red or blue) I want to join is currently unavailable. What do I do?”

Answer:”The Draconius Go Support Team recommends you wait it out. The game is designed to balance out the number of players on each team. So, for example, if you are wanting to join the blue team but it is unavailable. You must wait until more players join the red team. Once you join a team you CANNOT change it.”

Question:”I heard that on certain days of the week you can catch different types of creatures using Pheromones. Is there a way of knowing which creatures are on which days?”


  • Monday- Air
  • Tuesday- Water
  • Wednesday- Earth
  • Thursday- Fire
  • Friday- Arcana
  • Saturday and Sunday- Changes up each week.

Question:”When I am viewing one of my creatures I noticed a drop down menu that shows me different colors (green, yellow, red and white). What does this do?”

Answer:”You can use these different colors to sort your creatures into categories. For example, you can mark all your strongest/best creatures red. Or all of the creatures you plan to evolve green. Making it easier to find them.”

Question:”How do I know if my creature is a good one?”

Answer:”When viewing your creature you will see to the left of it it says strength. This will be a number from 1-5, 5 being the best. And to the right of your creature you will see health, also ranging from 1-5, and once again 5 being the best. So a creature that has 5 and 5, is a good one!

Question: What do the swords and shields mean?”

Answer:”The swords mean that creature is a good attacker, while the shield means it is a good defender.

Question: Which creature element is good against which?

Answer:”Wind – is good against water but bad against earth.

Water – is good against fire but bad against arcana.

Earth – is good against arcana but bad against water.

Fire – is good against earth but bad against wind.

Arcana – is good against wind but bad against fire.