Dungeon Inc Cheats Hack Tool – Infinity Gold, Gems and Keys

Dungeon Inc Cheats

Dungeon Inc Cheats Hack Tool - Infinity Gold, Gems and Keys

Welcome to Dungeon, Inc., the only office that rewards pure exploitation! As Dungeon, Inc. ’s new Gold Production Manager, you must maximize profits by any means necessary. Nothing is too devious to consider – if it works! Build your dungeon deeper, expand into new environments, and recruit mischievous monsters; the more you tap, the bigger the dungeon, and the more gold you make! Collect monsters to help defend your dungeon from pesky Tax Knights and rival managers – then send your monsters off to sabotage others! When the insurance value of your dungeon is high enough, trigger an ‘accident’ to cash in on your value and start again. What are YOU willing to do to become Manager of the Week? FEATURES: Collect and level up quirky monsters to fill your dungeon – from ogres and slime monsters, to wizards, dragons, and much more! Unlock and upgrade legendary relics to customize your playing experience. Expand your dungeon to a number of vibrant rooms and environments, including a Golden Geese Hatchery and Rapunzel’s Hair salon! Compete in multiplayer ‘Manager of the Week’ events – raid others and defend your dungeon from attack. Spin the Wheel of Motivation for exclusive bonuses! Fun new soundtrack from the composers of Doomsday Clicker.

Dungeon Inc Cheats Hack Tool - Infinity Gold, Gems and Keys

Here some tips and tricks to help you earn resources within the game:

Follow The Barbara Girl

This is barbara girl and she is responsible for showing you the places around, so how would that happen? actually nobody will ever know the plan behind this!

let’s start by rebuilding and they you must show them how solid you are since the previous manager didn’t last for long, so a single mistake would simply mean that you are risking your job and your life at the same time, anyway build your own office as a start move, and once you get enough number of coins you will be able to unlock the copy room and that is where you can copy new insurance papers.

Fast Ways for Higher Coins Income

Each room that you are unlocking or upgrading depending on the process that you are taking it will result in increase of the coin’s balance, every second passes will increase your coins but some buildings will take more than a second, and that is main profit as you will be receiving gold and gems, consider taking a look over the Dungeon, Inc cheats as it could work for you to provide you with any number of gems you would ask for and this service is totally free.

Dungeon Inc Cheats Hack Tool - Infinity Gold, Gems and Keys
Upgrade and Unlock New Rooms for Higher Income

Try to open and upgrade more rooms to earn more gold, Big boss`s life coach Chaz has dropped in and his elevating inspiration plus the income program works wonders, to the wheel of the motivation now!

Find this wheel at the top right corner of the screen tap on it to spin It, remember that this master is here to synergize the grassroots campaign and engage your work flow, give the wheel a spin and let this out of the box technology expand your horizons, find more valuable Dungeon, Inc tips right here which will work on improving your game as a whole.
Get The Dungeon, Inc Hack to Upgrade Your Rooms.

You could get gold doubles and many extra boosters but at the first spin through the game tutorial you will be receiving a game changer, this will send the gold production into overdrive for 2 hours which means you should be expecting huge increase of your income of golds, make sure to check again for more spins once the countdown timer is over, or just start using the Dungeon, Inc hack and say goodbye to the spinners as you will be getting enormous numbers of gems and golds easily.

Unlock new staff
You unlock new staff by opening the various types of chests available in the game and they’re extremely important. The Staff helps when the Audit comes and makes it easier for you to defeat the auditors and unlock more chests at the same time. It’s also these characters that you take with you in battle against other players to show your might, earn keys and unlock even more!

Dungeon Inc Cheats Hack Tool - Infinity Gold, Gems and Keys

Each staff member has different skills and offers various bonuses. This makes their placement in your Dungeon extremely important. So make sure you read what they do and based on that, decide if they should be placed higher or lower in the dungeon. For example, Dead Letter boosts a room’s production greatly, meaning that you should keep her in the room that’s making you most money. Trim Reaper, on the other hand, gives you a flat amount of money when he’s defeated, meaning that you should usually keep him at the top in order to have the auditors defeat him and therefore make you some money.

Apart from keeping an eye on what each of your staff member does, you should also note that you can place them in any room. This means that even though the Bubler, for example, can only be unlocked once you’ve reached Chills ville, you can also place it in the Tree Fort. And you should do, actually: make sure that you fill all the levels in your fort and leave no empty space in order to keep defeating the Auditors.

Beating Auditors is extremely rewarding!
Auditors will visit your dungeon every few minutes and they are extremely important. If you have a nice setup of Staff and upgraded rooms, you can easily take them out – even the latter stages where they are extremely dangerous. But defeating multiple Auditor teams in a row gives you better Chests to unlock and helps you quickly upgrade your staff and unlock new members. So make sure that you spend as much time in the game as possible and beat the Auditors when they arrive: it doesn’t matter how many of your Staff members are destroyed by them as long as you defeat them in the end!

Dungeon Inc Cheats Hack Tool - Infinity Gold, Gems and Keys

Spin the wheel!
By tapping the wheel in the upper right corner, you can watch an ad in order to be able to spin it. Make sure you take advantage of this because any outcome will improve your earnings by more or less, therefore making it easier for you to progress through the game.

When to Claim insurance
Doing this basically resets the game and has you start from scratch, but you get to keep your Staff. Unlike other games, the insurance dollars you have don’ seem to give you a bonus to your earnings, meaning that you should only Claim insurance when you have enough to either: get a new relic or upgrade the relic(s) you already have.

Each of these gets more and more expensive as you go through the game, so you should find a balance between upgrading and unlocking new ones. From what I saw, the relics really offer huge bonuses, so my suggestion would be to deal with them like this: first Claim insurance to unlock a relic, then claim insurance when you can upgrade (ideally more relics), then reset again when you can unlock a new relic and so on.

Dungeon Inc Cheats Hack Tool - Infinity Gold, Gems and Keys

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Dungeon, Inc.

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