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League of Angels 2


League of Angels 2 (LoA2) is a browser-based, free-to-play MMORPG that captures all the beauty and elegance of its predecessor with updated graphics and gameplay. Immerse yourself in LOA2’s rich story and lush graphics and fight against the forces of evil with scantily clad beautiful women by your side. Several races exist on the blue planet Sapphire, but through their many wars and conflicts, different factions have emerged and different leaders have striven to seize power for themselves. In the present, the Tempest Kingdom, the Celestial Kingdom, and the Midas Kingdom are the three dominant powers, each run by a powerful angel who has her own idea of how they should interact with the other races, especially the humans. As you recruit heroes to your squad, you’ll find not only that they all have unique abilities but that they work well together, offering affinity bonuses with the right combinations. Early battles are fairly simple and essentially play themselves, but later battles require greater management of your squad and good timing to maximize your damage potential. loa2When you win battles, you’ll receive various rewards that you can use to make your squad even better in battle, as well as fashion items and mounts that change your characters’ appearance or let them move around faster, while also providing a stat boost. You can recycle gear and even heroes you don’t want, so nothing is wasted. League of Angels II offers many different ways to play, such as story dungeons, where you fight a series of related battles; arena PvP battles; hero trials, for ranking up your heroes rapidly; cross-server PvP wars; and elite dungeons, where the toughest enemies lie in wait. Strapped for time? There’s even an AFK Palace Dungeon where you can set up your team and let them fight of their own accord.


League of Angels II Hacking Tool


Hacked League of Angels II  with our Online League of Angels II  On page Generator. This League of Angels II  Cheating tool will add unlimited resources to your account ID. Now you will be able to fully explore the game thanks to League of Angels II Hacking Tool.


Here some tips and tricks to help you earn resources within the game:

  • Try not to overdo the start, use the right tools for the job, firstly take a look at the starting mobile game screen and all notifications that are shown in red color;
  • In League of Angels II avoid fighting at the beginning, grow your character instead;
  • Build and use a base, but don’t become attached to it. Move around and get informed;
  • Be friendly online, you’ll last longer. Being a persistent in the online world leads to League of Angels II Hackin;
  • In League of Angels II , play with friends, exchange experience, talk with them;
  • Receive gifts randomly each day of the week by login into account on a daily basis;
  • Do play with your sound on. You will be able to hear when something important is happening within the game;
  • Do be patient with all things relating to this game. This includes finding drops, making trades, receiving awards, building upgrades, getting free resources, etc.;
  • Every item in the League of Angels II game is used for something; Read carefully the game notifications. They serve as a guide through the whole process further.
  • Don’t be afraid to start over. New characters are always new!
  • Please use League of Angels II Hacking Tool instead.


League of angels

League of Angels II Hacking tool features:



League of Angels II – Online tool, no need to download!
Unlimited Diamonds
Unlimited Topaz
Unlimited Gold
Unlimited Stamina
1-Hit Kill/1-Hit K.O./Massive Damage
Double HP
Updated and works on League of Angels II latest version
Works for all browsers
No root or jailbreak needed for your device in order to work
Significantly more efficient than any other League of Angels II
Cryptographically secured data
Does not have delay or disconnection

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