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Nicki Minaj: The Empire  Tool


Join the Queen of Rap in a dramatic adventure as you rise from humble beginnings to become the next legend of hip-hop! As before, you’re essentially a nobody who just happens to befriend a famous celebrity on their path to fame and fortune. Nicki Minaj pops up at regular points throughout the game in order to provide you with some encouragement and enthusiasm. You’re frequently given a few choices when it comes to what to say to her, as well as other characters, although the conclusion is usually roughly the same. This isn’t hugely interactive fiction despite what Glu wants you to think. You move between different locations within New York, networking and performing at various events in an effort to be noticed. Sometimes you’ll be trying to schmooze your way into a fancy dinner, while another time you’ll be showing off at a photo shoot. How you do this is conducted in mostly the same way — by using up energy to perform certain tasks. Energy is consistently limited, requiring you to plan carefully. Each event involves you gaining up to five stars to demonstrate your prowess, but you only have a limited amount of time and a limited amount of energy to do this. As is the way with Glu’s other celebrity, it’s all a balancing act to get the most out of your precious time. Alongside that, you can also dress up your character and customize your home, giving you a sense of success and fortune. It’s all very business as usual, except for one crucial area — rapping. In Nicki Minaj: The Empire, you can ‘write’ your own lyrics by choosing from a selection of words to slot into premade songs. You can also sing along to Nicki Minaj’s new (and previously unreleased) song, ‘Ain’t Gone Do It’, and record it. It’s a refreshingly positive piece of fan service and one that ensures that all Nicki Minaj fans are going to really enjoy what’s here. There’s the promise that the rapper herself will give shout-outs to the best raps each month too, giving players further reason to come back for more. Throw in some real-time chat in-game, and Nicki Minaj: The Empire feels like a celebrity social game we’ve been needing for a while. There might still be issues with just how long you’re expected to wait around for that energy bar to refresh, and you’re still going to feel like you’d gain a hefty advantage if you were willing to spend money on things, but Nicki Minaj: The Empire feels a little fresher than past games. Slowly building on the previously successful format, it throws in some much needed additions to ensure that this doesn’t feel like a reskinned version of a game you’ve already played. It’ll be interesting to see what new innovations are added to the genre in the coming months. This could be a very positive early sign of a genre keen to not stagnate.

Here some tips and tricks to help you within the game:
Aim High
Completing missions is everything in Nicki Minaj: The Empire. By being seen in the right restaurant, or participating enthusiastically at a photo shoot, you gain acclaim and money. Always be busy doing something!
Each mission has you working towards 5 stars for the maximum reward. Obviously, you want to get 5 stars wherever possible. To do this, plan carefully. For one thing, you want to have a full energy bar if possible. Each mission is time limited so wait it out till your energy bar is full, before you start the event. Notice how different parts of the event uses up varying amounts of energy? If the timer is low and you’ve only got 4 energy left, don’t bother wasting it on a 5 energy task. You’ll gain nothing for a task unless you complete it, so you’re just wasting energy by doing it this way. Also, keep an eye on your star meter. It’s a waste of energy if you’re a tiny bit off 5 starring a mission, and you use up 6 energy on a hefty task. Plan accordingly, to ensure everything runs particularly efficiently. Check back often. Timers are constantly working and your energy bar is always refreshing. Log in every few hours, and see what’s going on. You only have to spend a minute or two maintaining things when you do.

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Think It All Through
Notice you’re often given a choice or three when talking with other characters? Try to think like a celebrity when you do. It doesn’t make a huge difference, but you tend to gain extra fans or money if you choose the ‘correct’ response. Consider using the premium currency to boost the outcomes of conversations. Don’t spend money on it, but if you’ve got some currency spare, it’s a good way of improving your odds faster.

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Be Sociable
Much like in life, things are more fun and advantageous if you get some friends involved. Add as many friends as possible. You can gain extra likes for your recorded songs, which means better sales and more stars. Chat rooms are great for making new friends and, again, boosting your likes and sales. Be active, and don’t forget to like their songs in return. While you’re being proactive, record your own rap songs. It’s one of the most enjoyable new additions here. There’s also the advantage that Nicki Minaj chooses her favorite rap each week, giving you a potential boost in the long run.

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Looks are important
How you look is important in this game. Don’t deprive your clothing. Upgrade and buy new gear as often as possible. It increases your Style meter which goes on to boosting your style bonus elsewhere in the game. Those little bonuses add up fast, and what else were you going to spend all that cash on anyhow?

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Nicki Minaj: The Empire

Nicki Minaj: The Empire Tool features:

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Unlimited Energy
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Nicki Minaj: The Empire Tool

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